1. Hey John! I really like the concept you have for the specimen. I think it’s cool that you are relating it back to something that uses the typeface. I like how you try to utilize the white space on the table of contents page and page 6 with “Snapchat” on it. I think that if you work on how you group the information about the typeface (tighter/looser leading, size of text, weight, etc), it will help the reader engage in the text and help your overall design. I would also look into breaking up the information on pages 11 and 14, and putting some of that information in other parts of the design, where there might be an excess of white space. Also, look into smaller page sizes, and how that could possibly benefit your concept and design. Good Job! Have a good spring break! :)

  2. John – as per usual this is AWESOME! Love the snapchat theme, such a great idea. Very clever way of noting that there are no ligatures, and use of “hashtag no filter.” My only suggestions would be to maybe add some fun, big quote pages using some more snapchat phrases, like streaks, or something like that, and maybe you could add the rounded boxes to more of the pages to keep consistency. Overall this is so beautifully done!!

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