Simpson Stamp Collection


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  1. Great job with the AMAZING illustration work! Absolutely love the details in the Statue of Liberty and the American eagle. I think the series would be so much stronger if the Mount Rushmore stamp is also aligned vertically and created with details like the other two stamps. The color blue used in all three stamp designs definitely helped unite the pieces as a whole. Reiterating what was said in class today, it would be great if you make a title that would be used in all three stamps instead of separately placing the letters U-S-A in each stamp. Overall, the illustrations and visual elements are breathtaking!!!

  2. The illustrations in your series are stunning and well executed with all the details. If I were to be real critical I would say try to simplify the graphics a little bit more (I know that you already did as you mentioned in class) because the type gets lost in the illustrations due to being a black letter, which they’re already highly decorative. Also the stamps are really small so some details would get lost. One thing to always think about in graphic design is “less is more”, meaning how can you convey a message with as little information as possible but still get the point across. I think you achieved a part of that concept by illustrating close ups. If this wasn’t a typography class the illustrations can totally stand alone and would be enough to convey your concept.

  3. Your stamps are beautiful with the illustrations and colors you used. I really enjoy the way you incorporated the American spirit in your illustrations and I like the way you used just the single letters in each of your stamps, letting the iconic images stand out. One thing I think could be improved is creating more of a flow to your series by making the third stamp vertical. The image of Mount Rushmore is very strong, but the up close and personal nature of the first two stamps are much more powerful. If you could find a way to capture that same impact without sacrificing the quality of the Mount Rushmore stamp I think your series would be more cohesive. Overall, your illustrations and color palette throughout this project were beautiful! Great job!

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