1. Wait… I love these. They look like paintings. Wow. I’m so impressed. I think that the use of color was very well thought out here and the way that you arranged the letters, it looks effortless. My one criticism in terms of a cohesive series is that although the typeface picks seem perfect, they’re all so different in terms of quality. Like the first typeface is very thin and crisp while the second typeface for the Iguana is very rugged and looks like paint, and then the last one is much thicker. I wonder if you could maybe find a similar typeface for the first and last illustrations? And then leave the Iguana because it’s so amazing and let the others lead their own stories.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the chameleon so much! I attempted a chameleon and failed so hard, I really appreciate how you did that one. I also really enjoy the color palette for all of the animals, I think it’s so clever. The only thing I would suggest is the iguana looks a little squished, I think it may be because of the typeface. I love the almost jagged quality of the typeface, but somehow I feel like the iguana needs more space to breathe. Maybe play around with typefaces that have that same rugged quality?

  3. Wow these are amazing!! They really feel like a connected series thanks to your use of colors! Looking at the typefaces you used I can tell you really thought about the structures of the letters for your animals. I also love how you used American Typewriter as one of the typefaces. I think your strongest animal is definitely the iguana.

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