1. I think you certainly nailed the constructivist style with your typeface choice, colors, and graphic elements. However, I think the main problem, for me at least, is that the poster feels sort of disjointed and split up into 3 elements. I think it would be nice to see things interact more.

  2. I love how simple you were able to go with this and the design puts a really nice emphasis on the typeface which seems very Russian Constructivist. That being said, I think it might be just a tad too simple and it you might have been able to fill the space a little bit more.

  3. The colors and style of this design definitely gives it a Russian Constructivist effect. Something to consider is the union between the two boxes. There is a lot of drama in the upper left corner but the lower right corner is very empty in comparison. Play around with space and don’t be afraid of deleting things if you ever feel stuck!

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