1. The simplicity and color scheme of this design makes it easy to read and the information is easy to follow. the arrows add a nice accent to the poster, a good contrast to all the white lines. The only thing is that the title and the years are very hard to read, because the dark grey is so close to the black. Also, the smaller dates in a green are a little hard to read because they are so small. If they were a tiny bit bigger I think they would be a lot more readable.

  2. This is what I WISH my design came out like. You were able to make each individual typographer and event stand out without using a variety of colors. Two things that jumped out at me as something that would need to be fixed before using this in your portfolio would be how Frere-Jones goes off the page slightly and how you can barely see the dates in the current dark gray color they are set as. Quick fixes, but definitely things that caught my eye as mistakes. Other than that, you have made this design’s asymmetry very well-balanced and pleasing to look at as a viewer! Great job!

  3. Engaging and visually appealing approach that’s easy to digest and follow. I love how you played with the arrows to emphasize the notion of passing time. I agree completely with Kaitlyn’s concern about type legibility. … Another concern i have is that you seem to have used an 8.5 x 11 format. It doesn’t feel like 11 x 17. This no doubt is what also caused you to omit the ancient years. All in all, though, this is an extremely well conceived and precisely executed timeline.

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