Regarding the Branding Class

Hey guys!

I know a couple of you wanted to see a branding course. This is the one that is offered at Whitman, its called MAR 445 – Brand Management. Its more the business logistics of branding rather than the creative aspect. The description reads: “Concepts and tools essential for performing the role of a brand manager in a dynamic and competitive market. Coordinating marketing activities to achieve a profitable and sustainable market position of the brand.” There are two prereqs: MAR 255 or 301, which are Whitman core classes, so you can only really take the class if you’re a Whitman student.

I know its not much help, but a couple of people mentioned it last class so I just though I’d explain it!

Therefore, one is needed in Newhouse because branding is awesome!

Also, it makes for a good arguing point to get something offered at Newhouse.



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