Reflection Response

The advice that stood out to me the most and was talked about the most was time management. For me, I have always been a “master of the last hour.” I leave most of my assignments to the last minute until I feel pressured enough to come up with ideas and actually produce work. However, this is how I operate mostly for my writing courses, so I know when it comes to art, something that I’m very passionate about it, that starting early on an assignment won’t be a problem. Another advice that resonated with me was having an intention behind your design. “Design is art with a purpose.” I want to constantly question myself on the choices I make in my designs so I have a solid explanation to give when people question these choices. Lastly, I was excited to read about how helpful critiques can be. I have always appreciated constructive criticism in all aspects of my life. I think it’s so important to learn from your mistakes and constantly strive to be the better version of yourself.


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  1. Good lessons to learn, for sure. Those might be the top 3 in my book, too.

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