Reflection Response

It is so nice to hear all of your previous students talk so highly of you. I cannot wait to begin! Upon reading the reflection of the class a few things resinated with me. First off, I think that no matter what you are doing, you must be passionate about it, not only in design. I understand that we aren’t always going to choose what we get to design, or the project assigned, but everyone has the power to put their own twist on it, and create something that expresses your intention/idea. This brings me to my next point, intention! Intention/purpose is super important in design and is so crucial in the process of critiquing a design. It is necesary to remember your first instincts/ original intentions in order to arrive successfully at your final piece. As one of the previous students said, “Design is art with a purpose.” This quote proves that success comes from intention and purpose. Lastly, I believe that design is everything you make it to be. Therefore, curiosity is essential. There are plenty of boring and unsuccessful designs out there in the world, and I believe that if you are curious and push yourself, especially out of your comfort zone, you will surprise yourself with what you are capable of.


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