Reflection – Kevin Camelo

Jordan Schnitzer’s recommendation to let go of something that isn’t working is a tip I truly resonate with. In the past, I have been hinged on an idea that I felt had potential. Unfortunately, I could not get past the thought of leaving it behind. Of course, this led to creative writer’s block as I couldn’t imagine creating something else. I think this is a tip I will apply sometime in the semester as it happens more often than not! Another thing I resonated with was John Doscas’s tip to look for inspiration right after getting the assignment. Too often I have felt rushed in designing something because I procrastinated. It is something I really hope to work on, especially since a bulk of the design process is finding an idea to work off of. These two tips will definitely help me out this semester in VIS317.


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  1. You are right that the concept is almost everything!

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