Reflection and Inspiration

The first tip from past students that stood out to me consistently was to start projects early and manage your time well. This has always been something I have struggled with and I am excited to try my best to follow this advice. I want my work to live up to its best potential and not be thrown together the night before. Also, deadlines will always be within my potential career and it will be beneficial to learn time managing skills now. Another thing that caught my eye was to get involved with design outside of GRA437. I want to have the time to do this. Yet, being so new to design, it seems a bit daunting to me that I would be adding more to my workload. However, I would love to be able to manage this and take their advice. Lastly, I emulate every individual who said not to be afraid to try new things and to go beyond what I think I can. I am thrilled at the thought of becoming a better designer. One of my favorite quotes was said by graphic designer Paula Scher when she stated, “I’m driven by the hope that I haven’t made my best work yet. Making stuff is the heart to everything”. I am not sure if it is possible for creativity to be learned, but I hope to at least learn how to view my surroundings in a new way that can constantly inspire me.


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  1. I love that quote, Sarah; it’s definitely inspiring and a great professional mantra. About deadlines and starting early, I think you’ll quickly learn what a difference that extra time makes — and how much better the work of people who start early is than the people who don’t. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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