After reading these posts from our predecessors the common tip to work on time management really resonated with me. This is something I have always struggled with and have been working on a lot since coming to college. A big reason why I joined the Daily Orange as a design editor is that a design professor suggested it to me as a way to improve my time management skills. I’ve only been designing for them for a week and already I can see how much more organized and fast it’s going to make me week after week. That’s why the tip to get to know older students and professors really resonated with me too. I had never thought about working for the DO before that because I don’t see myself going into publication design. Working there is definitely going to help me a lot though and is honestly also a lot of fun. If I hadn’t gotten to know some older design students and professors at the Pixels and Print workshop last year I never would have heard about the job opening or been encouraged to do it. I definitely plan on getting to know all of the fellow designers I can during my time here to further my experience as much as I can.


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