One thing that really resonated with me from the advice from peers post was the idea of not being married to your first idea. I’m the type of designer who will sit and think about ideas for a long time, and when I finally land on something and conceptualize it in my head, I get stuck with it. I don’t always challenge myself to abandon my project and think of something else unless I don’t think it’s any good. I see now that even if I like the project and am happy with my idea, there’s always more that I can do, and there’s always ways to make my project better. I loved that nearly every student advised to seek out help from your peers and from Professor Strong. It’s reassuring to know that there are so many people who are willing to help. I oftentimes find myself hesitant to show my work to mentors and other people that I look up to because I’m afraid of disappointing them, but it’s helpful to know just how encouraging everyone is and how everyone wants other designers to create great designs.


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  1. Hi, Talia … Looks like you learned some good lessons. Absolutely do not hesitate to come see me. Those visits are my favorite way to teach, and students usually walk away encouraged and re-energized. Looking forward to our first set of office hours together …

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