I really appreciate the tips from previous graphic design students to help me navigate this course. The advice by John Doscas to take advantage of the resources around me really resonated with me. This typography class is especially resourceful because it allows me to use my peers to bounce ideas off of and use them as inspiration in my own design work. Viewing the work of my peers motivates my own designs and inspires me to push my designs further. Oftentimes, I feel uneasy asking peers for help when I don’t know how to carry out an idea but I’ve learned that collaboration is necessary in the design world. Therefore, I should practice this skill early to help me in my career. My goal is to really create personal relationships with my peers and so that I feel comfortable being vulnerable in my own designs. I can’t wait to see the work that we will do collectively this semester.


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  1. Easily one of the greatest perks of being a designer is getting to work alongside interesting, talented, enthusiastic and supportive peers. Make the most of it! They’re probably just as intimidated, and I’m sure they will learn as much from you as you from them.

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