I really enjoyed that this blog gave me the chance to hear about previous students experiences in this class.  When I began reading, almost every person said to manage my time and start everything as soon as possible. This is something that definitely gave me a bit of relief.  I do like that it’ll challenge me with deadlines, but that I believe I am fairly well off with my time management skills. For my “fun” classes, the ones that I really enjoy, I want to begin working on my projects as soon as they are given to me because I like what I am doing.  I am very excited to learn more about design in this course, and believe that beginning my projects early will be a good way to have more time to revise them, since I have more time to be given feedback. I also enjoy that this class is one of the first classes actually involving my major and what I hope to do for a very long time, so I really like the way the students talked so positively about it.  I think it will be very helpful that this course is all design students, and I hope to be able to learn from my peers as well as Professor Strong. I also like that since my friends in the class are also design majors, they will be able to help me if I hit an obstacle with a project, since they know how to navigate the programs as well.


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  1. You definitely have not only entered a major here, you’ve joined a community. :) I’m glad you’re so excited about the projects and friends and years to come, and I look forward to watching you stretch and grow. …

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