I feel excited after reading the reflections from 2014 fall and 2015 spring. It is an interesting process to see what has other people learned and talk about my understanding.

The word I have seen most both in the blog and in the class is “fear.” The saying “start with your fear” was new to me. It impressed me also. I used to try my best to avoid fear. I think it is a good chance for me to face my fear from now on.

As an international student, my English is not as fluent as most of my classmates. This makes me feel nervous when standing in front of people and present certain things. After seeing them talk about how important for a designer to show other people their own work, I think it is important for me to overcome the fear of speaking properly in the public.

What is more, the design work every student showed in class is another important part I love about this class. I can see different understanding and expression toward one topic. Those works impress me and inspire me at the same time. I can learn a lot from my classmates as well.

I hope I can overcome my fear and come up with more good works this semester.


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