Many students said that each project requires a lot of work but still try to push your limits. Based on my experience, new elements or new styles take countless time to use appropriately. I hope I can challenge myself in this course and add something to my portfolio. To complete the challenge, it’s also important to start early. I have six class this semester, so I believe that time management is more than essential to help me through this period. But I am still afraid that I do not have enough time and energy to complete all the projects. Another advice standing out to me is finding something you passioned about. It will be beneficial if I enjoy the process; after all, designing is the most excruciating thing in the world. It’s a fight of myself to come up with new ideas and combine them. I’d love to mix things I love into my work to make this process more comfortable to me. I also think that this way can seal the work with my name because preference is highly personal.


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