“Thrive on critique and give it back.” Critique is an important part of the design process and it’s important to never let it discourage. When you’ve been working on a project for hours on end (especially if you fail to heed the wise words of just about every single previous MPD student and hold off until the night before to start a project), it can be very easy get caught up in your own thoughts and lose sight of other ways to do things. That’s why receiving critique and seeing another perspective can bring light to something entirely new or inspire you to go the last mile. Giving critique is also a great exercise for your mind. Thinking critically about the work of others and looking for the strengths and weaknesses within is not only helpful to the designer of that project, but also to yourself as a designer. Giving critique might help you to better understand your own areas of strength and weakness, it is also great practice to use the proper language of design and to get more comfortable in it.


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