After reading the reflections, this line in particular stuck out to me: “If you want to experiment with an idea, go big and crazy. Start with the most extreme version of your idea and reel it in from there. If you don’t let yourself do something wild, your designs won’t be special.”

What I’m most excited to do in this class are the things I’ve never done before, like design stamps and make my own typeface. I always try to push myself with my designs but I know I can sometimes revert back to what I’m comfortable doing (this is especially easy to do when you design at a newspaper multiple times a week). Still, if there’s one thing my job has taught me about design, it’s that if you try something new and it doesn’t work out, don’t sweat it and just try something else the next time. A newspaper is only on newsstands for a day and then you can start all over again – why not experiment? So, in this class I’m really going to make an effort to explore colors, styles, typefaces, etc. that I may not have previously. I really want to take some risks, which may be a little difficult at first, but with the upcoming assignment I think I’ll actually be forced to! For my timeline I’m covering the psychedelic design movement, which looks pretty out there based on my research so far. But I’m really glad to be working on something so different because I probably wouldn’t have ever experimented with that style otherwise!


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