Reflection 1

I am so frightened and at the same time even more excited after reading the previous class’ posts. This is because, and as the posts reinforce, confidence may be key. Not only does a designer need to confidently present his or her work on a basic level but need to craft their work with that very same confidence. Everything done by the designer needs to be placed with purpose and meaning to create something that can communicate with ease innately. Confidence can easily stunt growth and I need to take risks and live outside what may be my safe zone to make progress and the most out of this class. I need to believe in my abilities and still try new things, challenge myself, and experiment for my own sake. We are all trying to get better and learn constantly so what I may create at times may not please everyone but I believe as long as it assists in my development it is okay. Relying on confidence at times is scary and tough because it might not be what is comfortable. Reading the past posts though has been helpful because I see that we are all in the same boat really and everyone just wants to improve.


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  1. Fear, vulnerability and failure are critical to growth, so worry not, Max. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. : )

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