Reflection 1

Drawing was my first creative outlet and passion. Drawing is an effortless form of art; it is tranquil and calm. Graphic design is a different, but also an exciting form of creativity. Although both graphic design and drawing allow me to express a lot of creativity, graphic design does not come as natural. Graphic design is more complex; however, I am fascinated with the complexity. The complexity allows me to challenge my abilities and surpass all of my expectations. I love to be challenged; however, along with challenges come worries. I worry about my attention to detail, and my lack of patience. I lack patience, not because I am lazy, but because I am excited to see the final product. This excitement forces me to skip over key details, and prevents me from carefully scrutinizing my projects for mistakes. When I design lookbooks and market materials for Crescala Fashion Development, there are ALWAYS mistakes. The assistants always have to revise my grammar mistakes, and my small errors. the books have to undergo multiple copies and re-dos. I do not know why I do not catch the missed mistakes, however receiving the books with red marks on them is the worst feeling ever. I understand I am human and cannot be perfect at both design, and editing, but I can definitely catch silly mistakes. I have the same issue with all of my projects. I tend to spread myself a bit too thin which is probably why I missed the deadline for this blog post. This week I had a deadline for the Crescala 2015 Spring lookbooks, and A.R.M. Management website. This weekend I also started new projects including strategic content planning for JCPE Training, web re-design for Lisa Bari Makeup Studio, and the launch of Zest Magazine online. I can only learn from my mistakes and move forward. I will use my missed blog assignment as a learning experience for the future. That being said, my  amount of creative work is awesome, but is also troubling. I will have to improve my organization skills and attention to detail in order to be successful this semester.


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