1. The details on the parrot, like the tail feathers and curved beak, make it a really strong illustration. It’s definitely my favorite of yours. Also, I think the falcon might be more recognizable if you give it hooked claws.

  2. I love your illustrations. The three animals go really well together as a set. I think you did a good job paying attention to tiny details on the animals. My favorite one is the parrot. Awesome job!

  3. Max, I love the work you did with your animals. I love your parrot, is very detailed and very well designed. The other birds are great too, in my opinion your falcon is the weakest at first I couldn’t really tell what it was. Overall you did an excellent job and made a really cohesive collection.

  4. Obviously parrot is slaying left and right. The falcon is quite the unappreciated gem imo though, real clever use of the tail of the a

  5. Max, I really love all your illustrations. While some are definitely stronger than others, they look extremely cohesive as a set. I think a lot of this comes from your similar looking serif typefaces, and also the black text. The only setback is the fact that you probably can’t immediately tell what any of the birds are right off the bat, although I think that is because it’s hard to distinguish birds and not because you didn’t illustrate them well. So overall, I really enjoyed these!

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