1. I think the biggest thing that stands out to me about your illustrations is your great use of color. They seem to be just bright enough to make the letters stand out, but they aren’t overwhelming. I think your most successful illustration is the flamingo. Using the lowercase “g” for the main part of the body works really well. And having two of them there makes it even better. I think all of them are great, but I do think that the iguana could be better if it was tilted forward, rather than showing the back/side view. That way we could see more of the head/face and it would relate better to the series. But overall I think it turned out great!

  2. Hey Rebecca! I really enjoy your animal illustrations. Now seeing all of them together on one page, I really like how even though each animal has it’s color scheme, they all fit cohesively too, which the use of a background color also helps with. My favorite animal you created is definitely the jellyfish. When they came onto the screen in class I immediately felt the peaceful mood of the jellyfish gliding slowly through the water. The tilted positions and arrangement of the “s” were done really nicely. I honestly liked all of them and the only thing I had trouble with was distinguishing the iguana’s face, but the shape of the body and how it was standing helped me identify it.

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