1. Rebeccas,
    My favorite part about this design is all the curved line that point to movement/person. Even though some of them overlap, it is still really easy to read and follow along with. I also think that it was a good idea to make each section have its own color. Its difficult to point out a weakness in this design, but something that I think could improve is possibly making the name of the person or movement stand out a little more. Right now they blend in with the description and date. Great job!

  2. Hey Rebecca! I really like the simplicity of the colors you used agains the black. The thin strokes for the lines really made a subtle but purposeful indication of which events for with which time periods. The only thing I noticed was that one line did not completely extend to the event and one of the lines overlapped the writing, but that was the only inconsistency I found. Overall, I found your timeline to be easy to read and well-organized.

  3. I, too, enjoyed your approach. The arced lines are fresh and helpful. The color bars definitely add charm and interest while also facilitating understanding. The type is nicely set, though I do agree that you should add color to the type to set apart the important bits. That said, the arced lines also are the weakness because they do not actually provide and accurate portrayal of when events occurred. For example, on the blue section, clearly 200BC is nowhere near 1500BC … and !040 BC is not before 1500Bc … so there are some inaccuracies that are difficult to overlook. …

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