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After reading through all the posts from last year, I am definitely even more excited about this class! Seems like there’s lots of type intensive material, something VPA certainly lacks. It does seem like a lot of work and there were quite a few stories about working late into the night, however many students also listed time management/starting early as advice they would give to someone taking the course for the first time.

Now that I have this advice, hopefully I can use it to bring myself to start my work early. Starting work early was (one of my) 2015 New Year’s resolutions anyway, and this semester will undoubtedly push me to exercise time management skills like never before. I am putting this down in writing so it is here forever and I cannot back out later this semester.


My name is Allen and I'm a 20 year-old student.

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  1. Investing time over a period of time is the key. : )

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