1. Your idea to use abnormal shapes really works! it’s very appealing and the shapes bring your eye straight to the information. The only suggestion I have is to make more contrast within your type. Perhaps you could make the years bigger.

  2. Morgan,
    This is really great! The different size of the shapes and the overlapping of the colors is very visually pleasing. I think this timeline makes really easy to see how different events and people have overlapped over time in the history of typography/design. I think that maybe you don’t need as long of a description for some of the dates only because the black text gets a little bit busy, but I do like how it fills up the page. Great job!

  3. I agree with both Anna’s and Phil’s comments completely. The shapes are quite interesting, the colors lovely and your approach unique. The approach and the layout, though, feel a bit dense and frenetic and make it difficult to engage. I suggest you edit the text blocks a bit, reducing density and allowing a bit more room for you to experiment with alternate presentation of the text. (I can help, if you like.) I do wish the pointed “tabs” on the year spans were of uniform size and shape. I understand why you did it the way you did, but that inconsistency is distracting. Also, I would consider running a line from the first date to the last to represent time. I can see that you’ve left a small space there, but because it’s the same color as the background, it doesn’t read as quickly and the timeline effect falls apart when there is no color block. A distinct line would hold all those time periods together. … Insofar as the two sides of the timeline, I wish there were a more intentional arrangement, i.e., movements and inventions on one side, people on the other, or something along those lines. That intentionality would further organize the information for the reader. … One more thing, the treatment of the title feels a bit out of place, especially it’s blackness and the serif type.

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