1. I really love the idea of this. Illustrating something that describes you/important to you is a really interesting way to go. I also really like the variation in color, size, and font in the text. I think that makes it a lot more visually interesting and eye-catching. The only thing I would say is that there are a few gaps that could be filled with maybe more small facts about yourself.

  2. I really like the idea behind this! I think the coffee mug was a good choice for a shape because of how simple and recognizable it is. I also think you did a really good job varying the text (by using different typefaces, colors, weights, etc.) to create hierarchy and separation between each fact you included. My only suggestion would be to try cutting down to only two typefaces.

  3. I’m a big coffee fan, too. It was a good idea to incorporate what you like as an image that is made out of words. So creative! I can see that you like the color blue. This poster is simple but explains a lot about you. Great job!

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