1. Audra! per usual, this is beautiful. I love the simplicity of your design and the color choices you made. The colors really enhance the fun/quirky/cute aspects of this typeface. I really like the dots you included in the designs on the table of contents and pages 16 and 17. I think you should try to incorporate those on some of the other pages to create more consistency and cohesiveness throughout the specimen.

  2. Hi Audra! Oh my gosh, I love this specimen so much. It’s so playful and whimsical, looking at it just makes me feel happy :) I particularly love the punctuation spread, the winky face is just too cute and really leans into the fun style you have going with this specimen. The colors are so awesome, and the Bob Ross quote just makes me smile. The only thing I would suggest is to maybe try to incorporate that fun design on the numbers spread. I love the right side of the spread, maybe the left side could be a little more ‘jumpy’ or whimsical if that makes sense? I really love this specimen so much, though!

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