1. Hey Audra!! I know that during your presentation you mentioned that you think it would show that you’re not a graphics major but I totally disagree. I think that your ability to create the frog and realize that you didn’t need to create the whole face shows you actually have a much better understanding of graphics than you thought. I do think however that if you’re going for a more cartoon style feel which I think you totally accomplished with the Bullfrog, you should work on the other two illustrations. I also think that the face get’s lost in the Salamander. I would say stick to the cartoon style feel because I think the Bullfrog is so impressive and then try and implement this style within the Salamander and Snapping Turtle.

  2. These animals came out adorable! I love the simplicity of using a single S as the entire body of the salamander, that was such a smart decision. This is especially noteworthy, considering that the typeface lended to having a flourish that works as a leg of the salamander as well. I think this salamander would really come to life with a little more attention to details of the face! Perhaps even changing the two eyes to be stacked atop each other instead of side by side could solve the “ninja” problem you posed during your presentation. Great work Audra!

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