“Lessons Learned” Reflection – David Connuck

While reading the advice of the past typographic design class, a few things really resonated with me.  One of the common things I noticed was that almost everyone said to keep in mind that a project is never 100% complete.  I thought this was important. Far too often I find myself making something, being satisfied with it and thinking “this is good, I’m done with this”.  Looking back, there are many many little things that I probably would’ve changed to make it better. Another thing that I noticed was a common theme was that the design majors should stick together because there’s so few of us we should get to know one another.  A third piece of advice that really resonated with me was to not let someone doing “better” work discourage you. I feel as though I don’t necessarily have as much experience in design as some people, and at times it can be unsettling when I see someone whose work is much more detailed or attractive looking than mine.  


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  1. Absolutely take advantage of the fabulous opportunity you have to get to know and learn from/with your classmates. They will shape your experience here and inform your growth as a designer. … We work in a small industry, and it’s not unlikely that you will cross paths again with the people you meet here.

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