Lessons Learned, Reflection, Amanda Ventura

After reading the “Lessons Learned” post from the website I found some points made by previous students very interesting and relatable. For instance, when Laura Angle said to start everything ASAP, I can agree with her on that statement. I am a very slow learner sometimes and it takes me more than one time to get things right or perfect. Usually I like to start my assignments up to far in advance. I also found it interesting that Jordan Schnitzer gave the advice of always having fun while doing your work or else it is being done incorrect. Sometimes when I am working on a project I tend to get frustrated and it shows in my work.  I have to walk away to adjust myself and to regain a positive attitude. When I have fun, ideas flow freely, I think clearly and I create more unique outputs. Overall, I feel as if the students outputs are going to help me with this class and design as a whole. 



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  1. Knowing when to walk away is definitely a great tool in the creative process!

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