1. I like the boldness of your design. The different colors and fonts that you used for each time period work really well together and make it very easy to navigate. The only thing that I would change is the shadow behind “typography”. I don’t think it relates enough to the rest of the page. I would either get rid of it or also put shadows behind the designers’ portraits to make it fit together better.

  2. I really like the color choices of your timeline. The color palette is very cohesive and the way you used the colors to differentiate the information made the timeline easy to read and navigate. A detail I noticed was that some of your line spacing was off for the information in some of the time periods, and at first I thought it was to show different info, but realized the words continued on from the pervious line as one statement, so that was a little bit confusing.

  3. Good job, Kaelyn … Using a period-appropriate typeface to mark the years is smart and informative, adding variety and quick understanding. Your color palette is strong and the layout really helps the viewer process the info quickly. Two weaknesses to consider: 1) the shadow on the title, which muddies clarity, distracts and clutters, and 2) the body copy, which forces the reader to fight against its thin, sharp edges every step of the way.

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