1. Your quotes are just so talented and I enjoy reading them a lot. Not like others, I really like your page that introducing the typeface in the way of language and numbers. I found it effective because it shows that the typeface can be internationally used.
    I think the work is so subtle and consistent and I think probably just arrange the lines so that they connect in print-outs. Other than that I can think of no problems.
    Really cool and smart!

  2. Jordana, you did a fantastic job with this assignment. I love how you completely invented a character with your specimen. You made me want to be friends with Bauhaus. The entire piece is fun and engaging. My one suggestion would be to play with the layout that is featured on the weights, numbers, and punctuation pages. The thicker lines really stand out in comparison with the rest of the specimen and make the pages seem like they don’t match as well. Overall however, I think you did an amazing job and this specimen is so solid as a whole.

  3. Jordana, I think this is awesome and it is very clear that you spent a lot of time working on this. I especially love it once I heard how you came up with the Bauhaus character, and like Juliana said, you made me want to be friends with Bauhaus too. The only thing I would change is maybe some of the middle pages, where you put the headline on top of the thicker stroke. The headlines look a bit like they were thrown on designs that weren’t made for them. I think it could be fixed by either removing the thicker stroke, or by putting the headline on just one color, and not overlapping onto both. Overall though, I loved this!

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