1. The typeface that you chose for ‘feminine’ is so lovely and balanced. Do you remember what typeface you used? I’d love to use it! The only thing that confused me about your choices was how similar ‘tired’ and ‘heroic’ look… based on the meaning of each word, there should probably be a higher contrast between the two words. But, the reason why this jumped out at me may just have been because the words are placed one after another in the list… I’m curious to see what other people have to say about this! Other than that I think you’ve made a LOT of strong choices here :)

  2. Lyndsey … please put an actual image on the post, not merely a link. Thanks.

  3. I really like your choice of typefaces for shy and sophisticated. I also think that the one used for athletic is very accurate. When I saw it I immediately pictured that typeface being used on like a pair of athletic sweatpants or shorts. I’m pretty sure I have seen that typeface used for a lot of sport-related things, so you were like right on with that one. However, I agree with Jane that “tired” and “heroic” are too similar. I would have like to see more contrast, maybe by picking a bolder typeface for heroic.

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