1. This is really great Jane! I really liked how you organized the information by using a time period as the basis for the people. It really makes it easier to read and it looks less cluttered. I think the only thing you could work on would be to have the names stand out a bit more, maybe. I didn’t really notice it at first. But other than that this is amazing!

  2. I think the use of color is interesting. I almost wish the black at the top of the design was incorporated differently. For some reason, it seems to me that the first couple events are in some way linked to World War I and II. I definitely see that the design has a fun and almost quirky personality and i think it’s brilliant.

  3. This is awesome – but you can’t expect anything less from you! Love the way you illustrated the overlapping of time and the best part of it all is how easy to read it is. You go Glenn Coco!

  4. Glenn Coco? Is there something I need to know? : )

    This approach is inventive, simple, dynamic and crafted with impressive precision. I love that you broke style and brought Lobster back at the end for “beyond,” making a logical typographic connection, and also how you broke style with the arrow element, calling attention to the fact that we’re still evolving. The airtight curation of content doesn’t allow for explanations or more facts, but it does convey the essential information—dates, events, people. It’s clear that you are in control here rather than the content or assignment or parameters controlling you. The starting phrase is a wonderful touch that sets the reader up to engage. Super smart overall.

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