1. I love your elephant and kangaroo since you were able to create them in a way that the audience can easily read. It’s awesome and impressive that the kangaroo only has those letters in it. I think that the monkey is your weakest since it looks so different in comparison to the other two. If you were able to create the monkey in a minimalist style that was similar to the kangaroo and elephant, I think that the entire project would be more cohesive and stronger as a whole.

  2. I really liked this set. I think it feels like a set and it was super brilliant to use them almost only once and I could actually read it. The animals are charming and simple and great use of the sans-serif. I think that maybe your monkey is the only one that would need to played around with a little more because I can’t read that as clearly as the others.

  3. I really love your elephant and kangaroo! It’s awesome because you can immediately tell what animals they are because you can read them in order. I like the monkey a lot too, but because you can’t read it immediately, it makes it feel like it would belong better in a different set.

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