1. John – you know this, but these are AWESOME! The chicken is so clever with its open back, and I really like how you messed with the letters layering, too! You definitely put a lot of time into these. Only suggestion echoes what we talked about in class – make some adjustments with the donkey and you’re golden. Great job!!

  2. These are so great JT! I love how creative and clever your chicken came out to be! You didn’t use a lot of letters to still convey the animal which is why I think it looks so great! Your Cow is definitely my favorite! I love how you layered the letters for the cow pattern and the utter is just adorable! I think your donkey is a little weak compared to your other animals but overall GREAT work!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these animals!! I think the cow has to be my favorite one. It looks so accurate and so similar to an actual cow. The one that I think needs the most work is the donkey, theres something thats a little off and I cant figure out why. I am sorry that is super unhelpful. It might be the size of the head and the tail that is throwing me off.

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