I’ll Get the Ball Rolling – What I’ve Learned

What’s the most important thing I learned about design?

  • Design is something that varies upon an individual. However, over the course of the semester, I’ve learned a couple of global components that are true for most people. Most design is effective if it’s kept simple. Most people don’t want to think about the logistics of things at first look. Sometimes, simplicity is more complex. Personally, the most important aspect is that the designer cares about the project. When invested into an assignment, I produced design that I made me proud.

What’s the most important thing I learned about typography?

  • Before taking this class, I looked at type as any other person: an effective way to communicate a message. However, now, I find myself staring at headlines and copy and just any type for longer than I should. The most important thing about typography is that it is transparent, meaning that I don’t have to think about what could be fixed. The typeface used, letting, kerning, weight, etc. are all factors that could potentially disturb the message. I believe it’s important to find a balance between all of these aspects to communicate a cohesive, successful message.

What’s the most important thing I learned about myself?

  • The most important thing I’ve learned about myself is that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. There will be times not only in design but in life that prove to be challenging and difficult to comprehend. In trying to figure out a situation, it’s okay to be wrong. Take a step back, breathe in (and hopefully breathe out, too) and try again. There will be people who help you and people that don’t care. Find the people that are willing to talk you through things and thank them later. Everything is a learning curve and starting from the bottom is how things work sometimes.

Now that you’ve been through it, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself if you were just starting to take this course for the first time?

  • This class has definitely been an experience. I think I would let myself know that there is never an end. Granted that a deadline is indeed a deadline, there is always time to fix and improve work. Read directions. This is the easiest way to succeed but also to miss something. The fine print truly does matter so pay attention to detail. Finally, have fun with it. There’s nothing better than listening to “Summer Hits of the 90’s” Pandora and making a jellyfish out of letters.



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