1. Allie – these are so COOL! You must have put a ton of time into your illustrations because they turned out beautifully! My suggestion would be that the size of the type will probably need to be increased, and I think you could have a lot more fun with the type in general – perhaps making it take up almost the whole stamp and making some letters be partially blocked by the illustrations or in front in other cases. I think the subject matter is really fun and works really well with the need to apply to American history/culture. You did so great!!

  2. Hi Allie!! I love the concept of your stamps and all of the drawings, they’re so beautiful and creative! I think it really nails classic American food. I also really like how you had smaller details from the food as part of the background of the stamps. One thing that I would say is maybe a different typeface choice or maybe just enlarging the typeface. I found it almost hard to read, maybe if they were all on the same side and in the same place it would be easier to find and read. But overall I really enjoyed your stamps and thought they were beautiful.

  3. Allie, these are amazingly illustrated! Everything is very detailed and spot on with how we think of these foods in our mind. My favorite part is the ice cream cone with sprinkles throughout the background. I think maybe each of the stamps should have something similar to that as the background. For example, the hamburger could have a similar sesame seed background, and the fries could potentially have a salt background. Just as an idea and some suggestions for you, but overall they are really great! Also, for the fries, maybe only put one larger box on the stamp to be more cohesive with the others. Really great idea!!

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