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Welcome to your Typographic Design course blog.

This is where we’ll keep the conversation going beyond our time together at Newhouse and where you can find pertinent course materials. I’ve posted class information here, as well as tips, inspirations, warnings—perhaps even a life lesson or two. Your job is to post your own thoughts, findings and lessons learned as well as to read and comment on mine and those of your classmates. You also will post your work here from time to time so we can all benefit from your creativity and insight. I’ll provide details in class as we go along. Meanwhile, a quick tour of the site:

HOME: Where posts live. Please tag and categorize each of your posts. I have gotten the tag/categories lists started, but feel free to add as you see fit (in all caps, please). If you have trouble, let me know and I’ll create one; meanwhile, select “Uncategorized.” If you’ve never used WordPress and would like a quick tutorial on how to post, let me know.

SYLLABUS: On this page, you can view the course syllabus and download a PDF.

BLOG ASSIGNMENTS: Here you’ll find the occasional blog assignment particulars.Your first two assignments—Why Design? and Reflection—are ready and waiting for you here. 

GOOD READS: Articles and blog posts I think will help you along in your pursuit of type mastery.

HELPFUL LINKS: Websites and lists you might want to peruse as you explore the world of typography and look for project help.


Prof. Strong