1. I think you did a really good job at picking typefaces that expressed what the words mean. I especially like the ones you chose for “Masculine” and “Villain.” The typeface you used for masculine has an Army essence to it and I think it’s common for people to associate that with masculinity. Additionally, the uniqueness of the “V” in villain makes me think of villains in Disney movies. The only one I don’t really understand is the one you used for “sophisticated.” That typeface feels very playful to me and I think a more serious/simple typeface would’ve worked better. Overall, you picked some really good ones!

  2. Overall, I really enjoyed looking at all of the typefaces you chose for each individual word. Frightened reminded me of a horror film, because of the thin hairlines and also because of the lack of straight lines. The one word that I was not completely sold on was athletic. The typeface that was chosen seems a little quiet and maybe a typeface that has thicker and bolder lines could have illustrated a “strong” look.

  3. Friendly and financial work nicely. On the weaker side are athletic (not strong enough), calm (a bit too cute) and tired (a bit too perky).

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