1. I really think that your choice of typeface for Technical and Financial. They really embody the idea of a mathematical, technical font. I was a little confused about your choice for weird. The typeface seems a bit more fluid and pretty than I would expect.

  2. My two favorite out of all of them are cartoon and patriotic. The way cartoon is unaligned and seems a bit “goofy” really adds character and personality to the word, which supports the idea of cartoon. Also, the lines for patriotic is a great touch because I always think of something patriotic very straight forward and reminds me of the american flag. My two suggestions is that you misspelled sophisticated wrong and you also forgot villain. I don’t want to seem super anal but attention to detail is key! Overall though, great job!

  3. Please do watch out for misspellings. Sophisticated also is incorrect. I think you conveyed quickly, calm and technical quite well. Less successful are frightened (whose geometry makes it feel buoyant an happy), shy (whose tall ascender implies assertion) and foreign (which lacks any foreign qualities).

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