1. This are so cute! I absolutely love the swan. It’s so simple, but really captures the essence of the bird, and it looks striking against the black background. The N as a beak is a unique touch, but I think it works! The tail of the whale is awesome, and is a great solution to a pretty difficult problem. However, I feel like the front of the whale, specifically the A, L and E feel a bit like an outline. The turtle is also super cute! I love the colors. I’d love to see what the turtle shell would look like as a big U.

  2. I really love your use of color on the swan to indicate its beak as well as the eyes on your turtle and whale. Your swan looks very graceful and the Apple Chancery typeface works really well. I also really love how you placed the W’s and how minimal your swan appears. The arms and legs of your sea turtle work really well and I loved your use of color. One thing I would work on though is the connection of letters on your whale. The face of the whale was executed very nicely; however, the placement of the E’s aren’t really fluid with the overall appearance of the animal.

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