1. You did a really great job keeping your timeline within the style you’re describing while keeping it readable, which is really difficult for this particular style. The one thing I might change is integrating the images you put in more. The type and the timeline are more cohesive, so it might be good to design how the images are put in more. Nice job though!

  2. As a fan of David Carson’s work, I think you did a great job emulating the deconstructivist style. I also think you did a good job of keeping the content understandable and organized while still using such a messy style. One suggestion I have to take this to the next level is to maybe incorporate more texture, specifically grunge texture, into this as that was something commonly seen in Carson’s work. Overall though, great job!

  3. Your topic was definitely hard to tackle since it embraced chaos, overlapping, boldness, large sizes, and lots of ornaments. I think you did a fabulous job recreating the deconstructivist style while providing organization to portray the timeline. Something I would consider is that Linotype metrics image. I’m assuming that you felt the space was empty so you filled it up with a image, however you could of utilized that space to create more chaos in your design and embraced that idea further. Other than that I love this, wonderfully done!

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