Dear Future Designers

1.Think before jumping into your work process!

Don’t just design something because it’s how you feel it should look. Honestly, I used to like to make something that my heart follows without thinking and focus on too much how pretty the works look like. However, it is so crucial as a graphic designer not just in this class but also outside of class that you have to research or try to get diverse inspirations from other designers too! There are so many valuable resources out there!

2. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you are stuck in a creative block!

I know this feeling.  One day you’re seemingly bursting with creative energy and the next you feel like you are totally stuck. But, “Hakuna Matata!” Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  Facing creative block moment many times in this course, I appreciate that I have learned my personal ways to overcome it this such as just staying away from the work for a while and try to get other inspiration from things around you, talking with friends or family about your projects, listens to lots of relaxing songs, etc. But, everyone has different ways to overcome creative blocks. So, in this class, I hope that you will learn how to find your own ways to overcome the creative block.

3. Challenge your limit and yourself and don’t be afraid! Eat your fear! 

It is inevitable that you will face lots of challenges in this class. However, you will learn so many valuable lessons and you will see how much you are growing and improving through all the challenges.  It is not important at this point whether you can overcome the challenges or cannot overcome them. It is more important how much you are able to FACE the challenges.


VIS317 class will be one of the most intensive courses in graphic design courses. However, I have no doubt that you will learn so much from this class and become proud of yourself at the end of the semester about how much you have learned and grown as a designer! I wish you the best luck and if you would like to ask for help or feedback, do not be afraid to ask Professor Strong or us! I will be so excited to see your amazing works :)


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