1. I love this timeline! I think you did a great job of fitting all of the information on here without it looking crowded or hard to read. I love the simplicity of the colors and the overall layout. It makes the timeline easy to read so I don’t have to sit here for a long time trying to figure out how to read it. The only think I would say to watch out for is your punctuation. There were a couple places where the punctuation was either missing or in the wrong spot (like a period should go inside of quotation marks). Other than that minor detail I think you did an awesome job!

  2. This timeline was one that particularly stuck out to me. I love your use of space and also how you made yours unique but also did not go completely out of the box. The typeface that you used makes the timeline easy to read and the way you designed the poster make it easy to follow. Even though I love the yellow you used, the one thing I would say is maybe add some more color to make your timeline more grabbing to the audience. Great job overall!!

  3. This is one of my favorites. It’s simplicity, accessibility and charm are undeniable. The yellow line flows neatly but with unexpected playfulness. The type is quiet but approachable and in right balance to the overall construction. Easily my favorite element is “to be continued,” a witty and unexpected perspective that put a smile on my face. The lowercase treatment of the large text is perfect here. … On the down side, you should be using en dashes, not em dashes for date ranges. (option+hyphen). That said, the dates with line breaks are not as successful as the ones without, feeling a bit clunky and calling attention to themselves.

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