1. Mara, I think you did a good job on the assignment. On my opinion the lizard is the weakest out of the three and could use some work. To make the dragonfly look more like a dragonfly and less like a butterfly you should make “L” longer and its wings smaller. The stork looks great though and overall the collection feels like it goes together.

  2. I really loved how all of your designs were so cohesive. Having one color in each animal was a great idea! I think the Stork is beautiful and elegant and easily recognizable. I also loved the dragonfly, but it might be beneficial to rearrange the wings now that we’re allowed to mirror the letters. The idea of the lizard was very creative, but I think it might be a hard animal to design. The body and legs look great, but the head needs some work. Maybe you could try using the d’s for a head and make the a’s into eyes? I don’t know you’d have to play around with it, but overall your designs are so pleasant, as always. Simple and elegant, but still really creative and fun. Great job!

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