Cho | Postal Stamp Series

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  1. Yeni, I love the idea of having a Valentine’s Day stamp series! I love the rustic and romantic look of them and I think that the black with the pop of color is a good touch. I think that the first two stamps are great and look awesome together. I think that the third one could be improved by changing the honey to go with the poem and maybe use something that involves sugar. A better focus image would make it look cohesive with the other two stamps. Overall, you did a great job and I love the typefaces that you chose!

  2. Yeni, your stamp series is beautiful and elegant! I love that you incorporated the theme of flowers and Valentine’s day into this series. The quote and added heart details really tie this all together. I also think using the colors of the American flag add the American touch to it. Like mentioned in class, I think the third one could be changed to match the other stamps whether that’s changing the image to another flowery image (a sugar plant) or something white to match the color scheme. Overall, I think you did a really great job!

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