1. I like the concept and the way you managed to use the copy as a border. It works with the typewriter and allows us to enjoy an awesome illustration with some facts about type. I would also think about the space between the letter overlaps. You might be able to find a stronger way to approach your text with solid shapes instead of outlines. It will create less pinching and will allow you to experiment with different colors and styles.

  2. I thought this was really creative! I like it a lot – very daring. I especially like how you put the name “typography, a brief history” into the typewriter itself. I will say though that I’m not sure how I feel about the word “TYPE” in the upper middle. I think it is a little distracting and playing around with the font, colors, or size of it may have improved the design and hierarchy just a little better. Overall great job though!

  3. As always, Cassie, a bold and fearless design. I love that. The colors are striking, and it pleases me greatly to see something so unexpected. The text-as-border concept makes it very easy to follow the chronology, though I feel like the real content here (the facts) get lowest billing. That said, the energy you generate elsewhere grabs hold and just won’t let go, encouraging me to push into those otherwise ordinary text blocks out of sheer curiosity. I also love the hand-drawn style of the illustration because it adds personality and balances out an otherwise quite sharp feel. … On the weaker side, the scale and execution of the illustration make the poster feel a bit cluttered and overwhelm the rest of the page. I’d size down the typewriter, trying a variety of sizes before deciding on one. I like how the blue fields force the eye to the content, so keep those, but see if you can be more intentional about where they land. Should each date get one? That might be tough on the lower ones, but … The overlapping type seems to be tripping people up, too, though I know it’s in your wheelhouse to use strong outlines. I think you might explore some options there. Different colors, different sizes, different amounts of overlap. Also, I don’t think you need both “type” and “typography,” and I’m not a huge fan of the color of the text on the keys; it feels out of place despite the fact that it’s blue. …

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