assignment 1 // reflection

After reading these posts, I have learned that design is everything, meaning it has to cover everything, every aspect must be considered, every word thought out, and every letter placed purposefully. I learned that the reason why some people are confident about their designs and some are not. Nothing is perfect, everything can be tweaked and reworked and redesigned, but as long as everything is considered, planned, and precise it really comes down to an understanding of good design and taste. I can look at one design and see it as horrendous and hideous while someone else sees the same design as sophisticated and gorgeous. As designers we have to have tough skin, a sharp mind, and be able to back up every decision we make when confronted about them. Not everyone is going to love what I do and I have to be prepared for that, but I also have to be open to hearing out other students perspectives and beliefs. Ultimately that’s what design comes down to, a system of beliefs, a code that we follow to display and convey our thoughts, each one of us may have a different code, but as long as we are open minded and constructive we all strive towards a common goal – making brilliant design.


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do this semester, Simon. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sweet energy you’ve brought into the class.

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