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  1. Talia, I absolutely adore your use of color and type in this series. It seems like you thoughtfully chose which typeface you’d design each one of your animals in. I really like your emphasis on the small things. In my opinion, you could have easily made the deer antlers huge R’s, but instead, you went the extra mile and made the E’s symbolically represent the deer’s antlers. I think you could potentially bring forward the deers legs. I’m not sure how it would look but I kinda lose that it’s an R, especially the right leg. I would also look into making the bluebird’s wings smaller, as I typically picture a bluebird to be small and cute just like your other animals! For your type placement, I believe there is a discontinuity between the series. The body copy under your “X in Typeface” for each animal does not match for the padding around the body text. I like your type placement with the deer, perhaps you could use that system with all three animals. Just a few suggestions but overall, I think you represented the animals well and the colors you chose absolutely make this a series that can work with or without its peers. :)

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